Temperature Data Loggers and Recorders

Temperature Data Loggers allow you to monitor and record temperature values over a period in time. The data is typically viewed using software that, in most cases, is available as a free download. The data logger software gives you a time date stamp for each data point which is viewable as a graph, raw data file, or PDF report.


Data loggers are superior to traditional chart recorders as they are typically much smaller in size, don’t use consumables (paper charts), and because the data is recorded as a data file, there are no paper charts that have to be stored. Where typical chart recorders can only record up to around 30 days most digital data loggers can record anywhere from 6 months to over a year. Being an electronic file also makes it much easier to share your data with others.

Data loggers are available in a wide variety of styles, from simple direct connect USB loggers to wireless loggers that can send remote notifications of alarm events and automatically send data to a cloud service. There are temperature data loggers for outdoor use or even underwater. MicroDAQ, LLC offers a large selection of loggers ensuring that we probably have multiple options for almost any application. Our Technical Sales Representatives are available by chat, email, or phone and they are always happy to help you find the best solution for your particular application.

Featured Temperature Data Loggers

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  1. LogTag TREL30 Low Range Vaccine Storage and Monitoring Kit w/ 3.0 Meter Cable
    • Measures and Records Temperature Readings Ranging from -80C to 40C Using External Sensor
    • User-Replaceable Coin Cell Lithium Battery with 1 Year Battery Life
    • Stores Up To 15,900 Samples/Readings
    • 'Pre-Start' Fail-Safe Logging (Records Temperature Data Even if Not Started)
    • LCD Display Shows Current and Historic Temperature Readings, Alarms, Battery Level and Logging Status
    • Includes a NIST traceable Calibration Certificate, Compliant to ISO/IEC 17025:2017
    • Comes with a 2-Year Calibration Interval Unless Otherwise Stated by the Customer
    • Data Loggers are Calibrated at -70C Use
  2. HOBO Temperature Data Logger
    • Integrated Sensor for Temperature Measurements in an Indoor Environment
    • -20°C to 70°C Measurement Range with a ±0.21°C Accuracy (0°C to 50°C Range)
    • LCD Display Shows Current Readings, Alarm, Battery and Operating Status
    • Stores up to 84,650 Measured Temperature Readings with Date/Time Stamp
    • User-Replaceable CR-2032 Lithium Coin Cell Battery with 1 Year Life (1 Minute Sampling Rate)

    Requires Type A to Mini B Standard USB Cable (CABLE-USB), HOBOware (Free Download Version) or HOBOware Pro (Paid Download Version) Software.

  3. USB Temperature Logger w/ LCD Display
    • Stores 16,382 Temperature Readings onto Non-Volatile Internal Memory
    • High Contrast LCD Displaywith 2 and 1/2 Digit Temperature Display Function
    • Powered by User-Replaceable 1/2 AA Lithium Battery with 2 Year Typical Battery Life
    • 2 User-Programmable Alarm Thresholds with LED Indicators
    • USB Interface for Set-up and Data Download

    Includes Protective Cap and 1/2 AA Lithium Battery. PC Compatible Software Available for Download.

  4. Minnow Temperature Data Logger
    • Measures & Records Temperature (-30°C to 80°C) Using Internal Sensor
    • Stores a Total of 65,520 Recorded Temperature Readings
    • 1 Second to 1 Hour Logging Rate (User-Configured)
    • User-Replaceable High Capacity Lithium Coin Cell Battery with 4 Year Typical Life
    • Recorded Data Can Be Viewed in Table Format, Graph Format or Exported in CSV Format
    • Password Protection and Synchronize Multiple Data Loggers

    Includes High Capacity Lithium Coin Cell Battery and USB Cable.
    Windows PC or Mac Software Available As Free a Download

  5. Onset HOBO® MX2305 Outdoor Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger
    • Internal Sensor for Temperature Measurements in an Outdoor Environment
    • Wireless Transmission of Recorded Readings to Phone or Tablet Using Bluetooth Smart LE Communications
    • -40°C to 70°C Measurement Ranges with a ±0.2°C Accuracy
    • User-Replaceable Lithium Battery with 2 Year Typical Life (1 Minute Sampling Rate)
    • Stores up to 84,650 Measured Readings with Date/Time Stamp if Bluetooth Communications Not Available

    Includes Screws and Zip Ties for Mounting. HOBOconnect App Available on the Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android)

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