Data View Current & Voltage Data Logger

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  • LCD Graphic Display Shows Current and Voltage Trends
  • 1 to 300 Amps AC and 1 to 600 Volts AC Measurement Ranges
  • Data can be Exported in Text or Excel Files
  • Battery-Powered with 1 to 2 Year Typical Battery Life
  • Stores up to 43,344 Recorded Readings onto Internal Memory

Includes PC Software, USB Cable and (3) AA Alkaline Batteries

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Supco DCVC Data View Current and Voltage Data Logger

The Supco DVCV data view, current and voltage data logger can record over 21k voltage and current measurements in its onboard memory. It can measure from 1 - 600 volts AC and 1-300 Amps AC. The logger has an easy to read LCD display that shows parameters such as logging summery, sample rate, memory used, memory left, and real-time voltage, current and watts. The logger is setup using the included software and sample rates can be selected in one second increments between 1 second and 9 hours. It features a visual alarm indicator when minimum or maximum levels are met and it be powered for 1-2 years on 3 AA batteries.

Supco DVCV Data View Voltage and Current Data Logger Specifications

Current Range: 1 to 300 Amps AC
Accuracy: ± 1.0A
Resolution: 0.2A
Voltage Range: 1 to 600 Volts AC
Accuracy: ± 0.4V
Resolution: 0.2V
Text Display Logging Summary, Sample Rate, Memory Used, Memory Left, Real Time Current, Voltage and Watts
Alarm Visual Alarm Indicator when Minimum and Maximum Levels are Met
Data Capacity 43,344 Data Samples, 21,672 per Channel.
Calibration Password Protected Single Point Offset Calibration Available through Software 
Time Accuracy ±100ppm at 75°F
Power Source (3) AA Lithium or Alkaline Batteries
Battery Lifetime Approximately 1 Year Continuous Use or 2 Years Average Use
Software  Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 (32 and 64 bit)
Sample Rate 1 Seconds to 9 hours, in 1 second increments
Weight 7 oz. (200g)
Dimensions 4" x 3.05" x 1.5" (10.2cm x 7.7cm x 3.8cm)
Software Downloads
(Size: 9.66 MB)
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Customer Questions
Can I set this product up to only record low voltage alarms that I set in the system?

You can set up the logger to alarm on high and/or low values.

You can set it to trigger if a low is reached without having a high alarm in place. 

WHAT is the sampling/recording frequency ? Is it user-settable ?

Yes, the software allows you to choose from predefined sample intervals or there is the option to create a custom interval.  It can be set to sample anywhere from once per second to once per 9 hours in one second intervals. 

does this unit only monitor one line or can it monitor multiple power lines simultaneously?

This logger can only monitor one voltage and one current leg at a time. It is for single phase applications. 

Can I set the sampling record for 10 days in one minute interval? e.i 14400 samples

Yes, you can set the logger to record a reading once per minute.  The total number of voltage and current readings it can store is 21,672 which is more than enough for a 10 day period. 

How does this work.Will it store data and retrieve later or do I have to have it connected to computer.If it will store data what is the time line for memory.

Thank you. I really need the CO2. In fact I am buying this for that purpose

If I have a 220 volt, single phase setup and I want to monitor each hot leg (for a total of 2 hot wires) do I need 2 of these loggers?

Yes, you would need two units as this logger will only monitor a single leg whereas I believe 220V single phase uses two legs.

Does it record current and voltage simultaneously? If yes, will I have one file with both readings or two separate files one for voltage and one for current?

The logger can be configured to record only voltage, only current, or both voltage and current.  The logger can store a total of 43,344 readings or 21,672 readings per channel (voltage and current).

The data will be shown in a single window in the included software or you can export it to an Excel file where you will have time/date, voltage, and current all in separate fields.

Is there an operation manual that i can download?

Unfortunately Supco doesn't publish a pdf version of their manual however you can view it by downloading their free software.

The software is located on the "manuals and resources" tab on the product page of our site.  Once you download and open the software, click on the "help" option and then choose "help topics".  From here you can scroll down using the menu on the left side of the page to find the instructions on the DVCV logger.

Does it includ clamps or should we purchas seperatly?

This logger comes with both a current and voltage clamp for measuring single phase power.  

Can I down load the software for the DVCV current & voltage logger?

The software for this logger can be downloaded from the Supco website. Once on the page click on the downloads tab.

Can I review the readings on the device or do I have to download them?

You need to download the data for detailed viewing but you can view real time current, voltage, and watt information.  You can also view a logging summery, sample rate, memory used, and remaining memory information on the display as well.

Can it be configured to record directly to a computer?

No, the logger records to internal memory only.  After recording is stopped you can transfer the data to a PC using the software.  

Can it be set up to monitor a line for peak amp draw, the duration of the draw and record the information?

The Supco DVCV will record the voltage and current draw on a line but it won't specifically identify the peak values. The peak values would be recorded and viewed in the final data file but the file won't be limited to those values.

Is the software compatible with Windows 11?

The manufacturer hasn't formally tested the software with Windows 11 but we have successfully installed it on our in-house Windows 11 machines without any issues.

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