LogTag VFC Vaccine Storage and Monitoring Kit

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  • Built-in Audible Alarm
  • High Resolution LCD Display with 30 Day Summary in Calendar Format
  • Stores up to 15,900 Temperature Readings onto Internal Non-Volatile Memory
  • Auto-Pause Function- Ability to Automatically Pause Recording if Probe is Unplugged
  • -40°C to 99°C Measurement Range with ±0.5°C Accuracy and 0.1°C Resolution
  • Continuous Monitoring: 1 Reading per 30 Second to 1 Reading per 1 Hour (User-Selectable)
  • Powered by User-Replaceable Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery with 1 Year Typical Life
  • Includes a NIST traceable Calibration Certificate, Compliant to ISO/IEC 17025:2017
  • Comes with a 2-Year Calibration Interval Unless Otherwise Stated by the Customer
  • Data Loggers are Calibrated for Both Fridge (5°C) and Freezer (-15°C) Use
  • Can Be Used as Either Primary or Backup Data Logger
  • Meets CDC & VFC (Vaccines for Children) Program Recommendations for Safe Vaccine Storage & Handling

Includes TRED30-16R Data Logger, External Probe w/ 60ml Glycol Bottle, Base for Glycol Bottle (LTI-BASE), Wall Mount Bracket. Logger Installation Kit and NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate for Fridge and Freezer.

Requires Purchase of USB Docking Station (LTI-HID) (Not Included) to Download Data. Software is Available as a Free Download.
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LogTag VFC Vaccine Monitoring System Specifications

Measurement Range Temperature: -40°C to 99°C (-40°F to 210°F)
Display Resolution 0.1°C: -40°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
0.2°C: 50°C to 70°C (122°F to 158°F)
0.3°C: 70°C to 80°C (158°F to 176°F)
0.4°C to 0.6°C: 80°C to 99 °C (176°F to 210°F)
Accuracy ±0.5°C: -20°C to 40°C (-22°F to 104°F)
±0.8°C: -40°C to 20°C (-40°F to -22°F)
±0.8°C: 40°C to 70°C (104°F to 158°F)
±1.2°C: 70°C to 99°C (158°F to 210°F)
Data Storage Capacity 15,905 Temperature Readings (66 Days @ 6 Minute Logging Interval)
Alarms Audible and Visual
Display 0.1°C: LCD
30 Day Summary in Calendar Format
Shows Alarm Status, Battery Status, Current and Summary Readings
Starting Modes Push Button Start, Specific Date & Time, or Delayed Start up to 18 Hours
Logging Modes "Continuous" Wrap Around or Specific Time Frame
Clock Accuracy Quartz Crystal Locked Real Time Clock
Rated Accuracy ±25ppm @ 25C ( 2.5 Seconds/Day)
Rated Temperature Coefficient is -0.034±0.006 ppm/°C
Sampling Interval 30 seconds to Hours
Recording Indicator State Indicator Reads "REC"
External Probes Compatible with ST100 External Probes (Sold Separately)
Download Time Less Than 10 Secs When Logger is Full
(Dependant on Computer or Readout Device Used)
Standards Compliance IP61 (Dust and Dripping Water Protection)
EC EMC directives (EN 50081-1:1992 & EN 61000-6-1:2001
FCC Part 15 Subparts A and B
Power Source 3V CR2032 Coin Cell Battery, (User-Replaceable)
Battery Life 1 Year
NOTE: Typical Battery Life Assumes 6 Minute Logging, Day Statistics are Reviewed on the Display No More than Once Daily for No Longer than 30 Seconds each time. Download Data Monthly.
Continuous Activation of the Audible Alarm Will Reduce the Working LIfe of the Battery. When an Alarm is triggered, the Alarm should be Cleared and Reset as Soon as Possible.
OS Compatibility Windows 10, 8 and 7 (64-Bit and 32-Bit) Compatible
Case Material Polycarbonate
Weight 41 grams (w/o Probe)
Dimensions 93mm x 54.5mm x 8.6mm
Software Downloads
(Size: 73.32 MB)
Version 3.2.1
User Manuals and Product Guides
(Size: 1.82 MB)
Updated for LogTag Analyzer Software Version 3.X
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Customer Questions
What are the specifications on the software?

 LogTag® Analyzer software provides an easy to use, powerful platform for configuring any LogTag® recorder product before deployment and for data analysis when the recorder is retrieved.

 Optional automatic download of data when a new LogTag® is inserted into an interface, with quick-reconfiguration using same parameters.

 LogTag® Analyzer is compatible with Windows 10 (32 & 64bit), Windows 8 (32 & 64bit) and Windows 7 (32 & 64bit) Network Administrator Installation files and documentation available for easy deployment in server environments.

 Here is a link to where you can view the manual for the software - https://www.microdaq.com/downloads/dl/file/id/687/product/713/logtag_analyser_software_user_manual.pdf

how do you turn it on forv use

To use the logger you must first download and install the LogTag Analyzer Software.  Once this is done you will need to configure the logger for use and in the configuration settings you can choose multiple ways to start the logger.

Here is a link to the instruction manual that will go over it in detail - https://www.microdaq.com/downloads/dl/file/id/687/product/715/logtag_analyser_software_user_manual.pdf

What if I want to purchase this monitor. do I need to purchase the docking station if I already have one.

As long as you already have an existing docking station there is no need to purchase an additional one.  You can have any number of loggers share a single docking station. 

I am looking for duo fridge and freezer LOG TAG? VFC approved, please

This logger can be programed for either fridge or freezer use.  It is calibrated for use in both applications.

It meets the requirements of the VFC program.

The VAC-TRED30-KIT-2, can it monitor both the fridge and freezer at the same time? can it be configured with 2 Glycol bottles?

No, the logger must be configured for fridge or freezer use.  The logger can only record/monitor one temp at a time.

You can reconfigure the logger to use in the fridge or the freezer but it can't be done at the same time.

Is this VFC compliant?

Yes the Logtag VAC-TRED30-KIT-2 is VFC Compliant.

We already own a LogTag reader (old model). Can it work with VAC-TRED30-KIT-2?

Yes, the newer kit just uses the updated logger.  It is fully compatible with what you have now.  The only thing you will probably need to do is update your software.

does this include two log-tags one for fridge and one for freezer or should i purchase two?

Each kit comes with everything you need to monitor a single location (Fridge or Freezer). 

At a minimum you'll need at least two kits, one for fridge and another for the freezer.  Most states also require that you have a backup logger as well so in this case three kits would be needed

Is this device portable?

The logger is battery powered and although it needs to be connected to a computer to set up and configure once that has been done it can be unplugged and used anywhere. 

does the display show the minimum and maximum temperatures readings? If the display does not show the minimum and maximum temperature readings, how would one see these readings quickly?

The display shows you the current temperature by default.  When you press the review button it will cycle through the daily high and low information going back up to 30 days.

What is the warranty guarantee or lifetime of the VAC-TRED30-Kit-2?

The logger included with this kit comes with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.  The warranty covers issues caused by manufacturers defects. It does not cover issues caused by misuse.  These loggers are generally very reliable and if ...

does this data logger meet these requirements? Must generate a summary report of recorded temperatures that include minimum and maximum temperatures Total time out of range (if any), and alarm settings Generates PDF or secure PDF reports

Yes, the VAC-TRED30-KIT-2 meets all of the requirements you listed.

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