LOGiT LCV Current and Voltage Data Logger

Supco Data Logger Measuring Single Phase AC Current and AC Voltage
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  • Measure and Record Single Phase AC Current and AC Voltage with External Sensors
  • Measurement Range of 0 to 300 Amp AC (Current) and 0 to 500 Volts AC (Voltage)
  • Records onto Internal Memory up to a Total of 21,500 Readings (10,750/ Sensor)
  • 1 Second to 18 Hour User-Selectable Sampling Rate
  • User-Replaceable Battery with 20 to 40 Month Life
  • Includes AC Current Clamp and 4.5 ft Voltage Leads

Requires 9 Volt Battery and LOGiT PC Software Kit

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LOGiT LCV Current and Voltage Logger Specifications

(External Sensor)
Measurement Range: 0 to 300 Amps AC
Accuracy: ±5%
Resolution: 0.1 Amp AC
(External Sensor)
Range: 0 to 500 Volts AC
Accuracy: ±1 Volts AC
Resolution: 0.1 Volts AC
Length of Leads: 4.5 ft
Data Storage Capacity 10,750 Readings for Voltage and Current or
21,500 Readings for 1 Channel Voltage or Current
Sampling Rate 1 Second to 18 Hours
Alarms Over and Under Alarms for Current and Voltage
Time Accuracy ±100ppm @ 75°F
Operating Environment Temperature (Alkaline Battery): 0°C to 60°C
Temperature (Lithium Battery): -40°C to 65°C
Humidity: 0% to 95% RH, non-condensing
Storage Environment Temperature: -40°F to 170°F (-40°C to 77°C)
Power Source 9V Alkaline or Lithium Battery (Sold Separately)
Battery Life Alkaline Battery: 20 Months
Lithium Battery: 40 Months
Note: Dependant Upon Environment, Sampling Rate and Battery Type
Calibration Single point offset calibration available through software
OS Compatibility Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-Bit)
Dimensions 3" x 2.5" x 1.1" (7.6cm x 6.4cm x 2.8cm)
Weight 1.2lbs (544g)
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Customer Questions
Will this log 3 phase current?

This logger is designed for single phase applications.  We have a good selection of 3 phase loggers.  Here is a link to our voltage and current loggers.  Once there please click on the filter for "3-Phase" on the left hand side of the screen -  https://www.microdaq.com/data-loggers/voltage-current.php


Is the software and needed cabling included?

All the cabling to make your voltage and current connections are included with the logger.  The software and PC connection interface must be purchased separately.  The part number for this kit is LLSU. It can be found on the right hand side of the product page under "related products" or by clicking here -  https://www.microdaq.com/supco-logit-software-usb-kit.php



Regarding the sample rate of 1 second. Is this and exact sample (reading) each second or is it and average of several readings within a second. For example, does the unit software actually read four times in a second then average the four values and record the value as the sample data?

This logger will give you the actual reading at each sample interval.  It does not average the readings over a period like a meter would

How do I see the data? What do I need to see the data?

The data is viewable in the required software which comes with the LLSU software and interface kit - listed under "related items".

The software must be installed on a PC and it's used to set up the logger and view the data.

How many samples per cycle does it take?

This particular logger samples at once per second at its fastest recording interval.  This logger is designed to be a low cost option for general purpose recording.  We offer other loggers that sample at higher rates.  Once example would be the L562 logger which samples at 64 samples per cycle. 


If I record one conductor of a parallel feeder, will that give me the whole load of that phase? Or will it be less because of only being clamped to the one conductor?

The LCV logger can only measure a single phase so it would only give you the current of whichever leg of the three phases you are monitoring. 

We also offer three phase loggers if that's what you are after.  One I suggest looking at is the Dent Elite Pro XC which can be found here -  https://www.microdaq.com/dent-instruments-elitepro-xc-recording-power-meter.php

Can these meters be set up to do 15 minute averaging as required for measurements in the National Electrical Code?

No.  This logger records only the actual value at the specified user interval.  The fastest it can sample is once per second.  This is good for general power consumption information, it is not a revenue grade meter.

Is there similar product with all specified specification but ac voltage measure upto 1000 volts?

I'm afraid we don't have anything rated up to 1000 volts that I would consider similar to this product.

The closest we could recommend looking at that will handle up to 1000 v would be this power meter from AEMC but it is a good deal more expensive:




if the battery life is 20 months, do you mean i can leave on for 20 months and the data will log for 20 months' duration?

The battery life shown in the specification is the maximum amount of time that the logger can operate and log data.  Because battery life will greatly vary depending on settings and operating environment the estimates shown should only be used as a general estimate.


The estimates that manufacturers give are generally using the slowest sampling interval (once per 18 hours in this case) and used at room temperature.

Generally we would advise to replace the battery for each logging session if the data is critical and if you are not keeping track of the time that the logger has been used.


We would suggest you take a look at the updated version of this same logger, the DVCV.  It has a slightly better spec and it doesn’t require that you purchase additional software or an interface cable - https://www.microdaq.com/supco-data-view-current-voltage-data-logger.php

What is the maximum conductor diameter capacity of the clamp?

The opening of the clamp is approximately 1.25" wide by 1.5" tall.

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